Aliphatic Resin Glue.

The generic name carpenter’s glue describes the aliphatic resins. Like the white glues, these are sold in squeeze bottles, but aliphatic resin glues are actu­ally much stronger than the polyvinyl resins.

Hobbyists commonly use polyvinyl acetate (PVA), also known as "white glue" or "hobby and craft", and aliphatic resin emulsion, commonly referred to as "carpenter's glue" or "yellow glue", which has similar relative ultimate strength. The two have different grip characteristics before initial set, with PVAs exhibiting more slip during assembly and yellow glue having more initial grip. PVAs are non-toxic and very easy to use, but hard to repair since nothing else sticks well to the hardened glue. PVAs will creep under constant load.

Membrane press adhesive

Membrane press adhesive is used in manufacturing of pvc laminated wooden doors, also known as "membrane doors" and, cabinets of modular kitchens. It is majorly used to wrap pvc foil to different substrates of wood like mdf or particle board.

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Until the end of the 80s, the world of edgebanding remained easy to grasp. EVA hot melts were widely used and the processors were pleased with their advantages, among others the fast setting. The limitations of this group of adhesives, mainly with regard to their limited heat resistance data, was in general accepted. In 1995, the so-called high performance lines started to gain a predominant market position.